Experiencing A Trekking Adventure Through The Roman Houses of Marettimo Island

Experiencing A Trekking Adventure Through The Roman Houses of Marettimo Island
Experiencing A Trekking Adventure Through The Roman Houses of Marettimo Island

Trekking is a fun way to spend a day in a foreign land. It gives you a chance to explore new places and also to learn new things. It gives you a chance to meet new people and taste fresh foods and experience new cultures. Marettimo Island is one among many islands that are located in the Egadi islands. Known for the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets and views, this island is considered to be immensely popular among many tourists. But something most people don’t know about this popular holiday destination was that ancient Romans once inhabited it.

The History of The Roman Houses on The Island

The Romans lived on this island for many generations and had built structures for greater living space. One of such structures that were constructed includes the roman houses and other places. Though the name seems ordinary, the actual use of such structures is anything but. History says that these first buildings were built on high places where they were tough to reach and were used as defence posts where Romans could quickly sight any incoming attacks. 

The Trekking Experience

When you arrive at the island by sea, you would be greeted by one of the best sun experiences ever. You would travel up the hill till you head to the edge of the trail in Contrada Hairy an easily identifiable place to start your hunt for the Roman houses and other Roman ruins. From here, numerous signs are hoisted one wooden pends to inform you about the different crossroads you would encounter on your trail. The trail can be accomplished both by foot as well as a mountain bike. You can also pick up a trail map of the Roman houses at an information centre.

The first one you would encounter is an old cemetery in Marettimo. The cemetery is not grand and is one of simple means with a table and different names inscribed on it. A few names are also written on a marble plaque that makes up the remains of this area. From here on, the trail is stone and simply gorgeous. You would be greeted by pine forest at the end of the road. The pine forest is one of the few places that is kept up by regular reforestation. The woods are genuinely cared for by the people who look after the area. The colour and the splendour is a sight for any nature-loving heart. 

The Roman houses are at the end of a 40-minute trek which can be a little exhausting in areas where there are no trees. These Roman houses were inhabited for several decades and centuries. There is even a Byzantine church that is open for viewing, but only at certain times if you wish to stick around. The spring water in the area is delicious and a perfect quench for the thirsty trekkers. There are other treks you can take from here and head to Cala Bianca, Punta Troia or Pizzo Falcone. Each of these places has Roman houses and other ruins but would take at least two or three hours to visit. Therefore, this trekking experience is one you can combine with a camping one, or if you are on a mountain bike, you might be able to cover many of them quickly in a day.