Exploring the Aegadian Islands – Families with Kids

The Aegadian Islands offer beautiful and relaxing memories for families on vacation. Situated north-west off the coast of Sicily, the island group consists of 5 small islands, with Favignana and Marettimo being the largest islands of the group. These Islands are far off the overpopulated mass tourism of southern Italy, but still near enough to be reached quickly and fast by boat. Besides not being overcrowded, the family-friendly staffs you find in hotels and restaurants make the Aegadian Islands a perfect destination for your family vacation.

In contrast to the Aeolian Islands, these islands have just recently opened up to tourism. Because of that, they give you an authentic impression of what life is like when living and working island feels like. The inhabitants are locals, who make their living off the sea. This makes the towns and villages not only a picturesque backdrop for family photos but allows your family to get acquainted with a lively local culture. Favignana, the largest of the island group, is the most developed island when it comes to tourism infrastructure. It is also the nearest to the coast of Sicily. You can base your vacation here and explore the other islands by boats. However, if you are looking for solitude, it is best to book a nice place in Levanzo. Marettimo also has excellent infrastructure to offer, but it is the farthest away from the mainland. 

All islands offer astonishing landscapes and beautiful beaches. The water is crystal-clear, and it’s turquoise, and emerald colours will mesmerise you. Of course, the boat trip becomes obligatory with so much allurement. Discover hidden coves with your kids and dive into the pristine waters the shores of the Aegadian Islands have to offer. You can rent every kind of boats you could imagine. From private yachts and catamarans to sailboats, rafts and rubber boats, suitable options for every budget are available. Observe untouched marine life while scuba diving in the most significant maritime protected area of Europe. Lasting and beautiful memories with your children included. It is also worth noting that most beaches are better accessible with a boat. The beaches are often hard to reach by foot, so if you are travelling with small children, inform yourself beforehand about how good a beach can be visited on foot.

If you set out to explore the island, renting a bike with your kids will assure you pleasing day-trips to the attractions of the island. Travelling on a bike to the tufa quarries, antique ruins, and beaches will present you with enough activities for the whole family. In Favignana, your kids will also have the opportunity to explore the island with the ‘Trenino’. This sky-blue tractor turned train is an excellent way for your kids to spend the day visiting the attractions and beaches of Favignana. But Favignana also has much to offer for mama and papa. It is an open secret but, it is said that Favignana has the best nightlife in the whole of Sicily. While your kids are sleeping, you can lose yourself in the bars and restaurants of the island, without stumbling over drunk and noisy tourists. When your kids wake up the next day, and you want them to experience some culture and history, take them to the old tuna factory which now is a museum displaying the fishery culture of the locals. And to round off the day, visit the castle, Santa Catarina. Here you can enjoy the astounding sunset with your family while experiencing the historical background of Favignana.