Exploring the Coast of Favignana – Trekking Itinerary

Like other countries in the world, Italy is a country that is in many peoples bucket list. Although very well known for its strong history of Roman imperialism, it has a soft, gentle yet bewildering touch when it comes to its natural geographical makeup.

Exploring the Coast of Favignana – Trekking Itinerary

Just to the west coast of Sicily, in the southern region of the autonomous part of Italy, lies the beautiful island of Favignana. Favignana is renowned for its tuna-breeding waters to which is the source of the fisheries industries in the area. Apart from that, Favignana has a ravishing natural phenomenon of coastline that attracts tourists from all over the world. The historical monuments located in the island along with the spectacular sight of museums that depict a rich and deep history of its medieval periods is a sight to behold along with an urban trekking route of 25 kilometers along its coast. This is the most compelling tourist experience that takes visitors back in time to the Middle Ages and Renaissance period. 

Starting the Trek

The trekking route begins with a visit to the Gothic-Renaissance settlement of the trap. A settlement that has been preserved since the late Middle Ages has evolved from Romanesque architectural forms and proceeded by the Renaissance settlement. The Gothic-Renaissance settlement is located within Port Cala, where many other historical sites of beauty are situated. Make a stop at the astounding Museum of Egadi then make your way to the Palazzo Florio, a prominent feature, which can be seen when you dock at the Favignana harbor. This is just an appetizer to get you started on your trekking experience. Following the Palazzo, make a detour to the Badia district and be mesmerized by an assembly of sculptures. Next stop, take a 2km hike eastward into the archaeological zone of San Nicola and enjoy some late Hellenistic necropolis of the prehistoric times. As you continuing on the cost, the route leads you to the Scali of St. Joseph and Madonna and Cale Nice and St. Nicholas.

What You Can Expect En Route

The entire trekking route is studded with a succession of science fiction rock formations that have developed as a result of quarry industries. This so-called tuff, along with the fisheries industries, was fuel to the economy of Favignana back in the day. From the route at Cala Rossa make your way through manual human-made tunnels of that look like machines have excavated them. View the fascinating archaeological pieces within the Punta Marsala as you go south after visiting the hypnotizing scene of the historical Punic battle. 

Cala Rossa

Continuing Up the Coast

As you hike along the coast, the backdrop of the majestic tuff scenarios sets you up for a fascinating and tranquil experience. Heading the same direction go through the towns of Cala Thunder, Grotta Perciata, Lido Burrone, Calamoni, and Calamonaci before arriving at Punta Longa. If you are fond of islands, the route from Punta Longa to Punta Sottile is just perfect for you to capture the moments of natural exhibition until you arrive at the lighthouse headquarters. From here, make your way toward the north to Punta Faraglione and then finally head back east toward Cala.