Sailing and Experiencing the Gorgeous Aegadian Islands

Sailing is a beautiful experience to indulge in, mainly because there are many new and unique destinations popping up every year. The Aegadian Islands are a hub for those who are lovers of nature, and for those who wish to take a relaxing holiday. The structure of these islands is petite but strong, ensuring that many species of animals and plants can thrive in its lands. As one of the smallest islands present in the location, Levanzo is known to host a small population of just 200 people. However, one of the downsides of this specific island is land transport. There is very a poor network for transportation on this island, as there aren’t many roads. So the best way to travel in this area is through the sea. There are many charters that you can hire throughout the day, if you merely need to get to a destination or if you want to have a tour in the crystal clear waters.

Types Of Charters

One of many things to decide from entering the island is the type of marine vessel you wish to board. There are different types, and each is equipped with various amenities and features that are more unique than the other. The motor yacht is a favorite type of boat that is picked on such tours. It includes an exclusive assortment of motorized yachts that can take you to multiple destinations in Levanzo in style. Catamarans are also another great pick among many others, plus, it is considered to be less annoying and more scenic. Visiting locations with a catamaran will ensure that you achieve the perfect view of the location’s features and unique perspectives. Sailboats, these vessels can carry large crowds in one shot and is known to be perfect for a full day of sailing and sightseeing. The sailboats come in types of sizes, regular and large. The larger and slightly more expensive sailboats are known to be fitted with the luxurious and lavish amenities and feature things you usually see on a super-yacht, which ensures that comfort is a priority in this vessel.

Places To Visit

A beautiful place to visit when discovering locations in Levanzo is the Isole Egadi. This location is a place that consists of multiple rocky islands and various sizes and depths of water beds. Catamarans are a perfect option when cruising through this area. However, it would be ideal to have a crew onboard with you while visiting this location. You can decide between hiring a team or not when you are deciding on a boat, although there are many different boat choices available for those who wish to try a new way and sail on their own. Like the rocky islands, sea caves are also a place that is visited almost every day.

Levanzo is not an overly populated island; neither is it entirely dominated by housing and other structures. Instead, it focuses on the natural parts of the island. This is one of the sole reasons as to why many villas or mansions are located on the land. If you are a person who feels at home near a water source or loves to see how the boats work, then Trapani is the place to visit as one of the major ports on the Sicilian mainland, the history of this port merges with the lore and mythologies of the land. Tripani is known to be shaped like a scythe and is blended with ancient Greek myths and cosmopolitan legends as well making it a beautiful and historic destination to visit on your tour.